Meeting Schedule

Join us at our luncheon meetings the second Monday of the month except July and August at 11:30 a.m. at Mimi’s Cafe at 4316 The 25 Way NE. Everyone is welcome and can select lunch off the menu and pay the restaurant directly. For APWF members, there is no charge beside their lunch. All others $5.00 plus lunch.

2019 Meeting Schedule (Second Monday of each month)

January 14

February 11

March 11

April 8

April 26-27 New Mexico Press Women Conference

May 13

June 10

September 9

October 14

November 11


2015 – 2016 Meetings

October – Lenton Malry, Albuquerque Press Women and Friends member discussed his new autobiography. Malry was a longtime educator in the Albuquerque Public Schools and became the first African-American representative elected in the state of New Mexico. He was also the first African American elected to the Bernalillo County Commission. Malry talked about his adventures in the legislature and his early years as a young man working to carve out a life and future in New Mexico.

September – Steve McKernan, CEO of the University of New Mexico Hospital discussed the renewal of the hospital mil levy on the Bernalillo and Sandoval County ballots. He also answered questions about health care in the area and ways UNM Health Science Center is working to increase the number of physicians in the state. McKernan gave an overview of problems and initiatives to improve health care throughout the state.

June – Norm Gaume, water resources engineer spoke about his battle with the New Mexico Stream Commission. The Interstate Stream Commission has refused to open the information databases they used to calculate the need to build a dam on the Gila River and has sued Gaume for his attempt to halt the process. The Interstate Stream Commission has voted to build a dam on the Gila and is entering an environmental assessment process.

May – Barbe Awalt and John Byram, publishers of two of the largest presses in New Mexico spoke to members about the kind of manuscripts they want to see from writers. They also spoke about the changing standards as publishers now want to see completed manuscripts rather than a few chapters.

April – New Mexico Presswomen conference at Ghost Ranch. This year’s theme was the “Power of Storytelling.”

March – Susan Boe, executive director of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government spoke about the many battles the non-profit corporation has in progress as it seeks to hold local government entities accountable for conducting their business in public and allowing the public to see and understand how government business is transacted in a transparent way.

Feb. – Dan Vukelich, publisher of Albuquerque Free Press spoke about his venture to produce a biweekly alternative newspaper. He spoke about the problems and pitfalls of having long-term deadlines in an instantaneous world.

Jan. – Joe Monahan, political blogger spoke about the prospects for the 2015 New Mexico legislative session. He was optimistic about the legislature’s ability to perform it’s basic job, but skeptical about any particular policy advancement.

2013-2014 Meetings

Dec. – Fred Nathan, director of Think New Mexico, a locally based think tank spoke about legislation his group supports to increase the economic transparency of hospitals.  Think New Mexico is supporting legislature to require all hospitals operating within the state to post the cost of basic surgical procedures so there is some price transparency for consumers.

Nov. – UNM Professor of Political Sciences, Regent’s lecturer and Director of the Center for Voting and Election Research Lonna Atkinson spoke about the recent election and about the dismal turnout and what may have caused it. Her information about who voted was somewhat restricted because the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office now changes academics for information it collects, and Atkinson did not have the economic support she needed to purchase the information.

Oct. – Mark Lautman, director of the Community Economics Lab spoke about what it would take to get Albuquerque’s work force back to full employment and his work with the New Mexico Legislature. He explained what Albuquerque leaders need to do to reignite the local economy.

Sept.– Loretta Hall discussed her latest book, “Stories Behind the Story: Oral Histories Bring History to Life.” She outlined the decisions and choices authors must make in writing history and gave her insights into how to shape a book that uses oral histories as a base.

June – Jessica Helen Lopez, poet laurate of the City of Albuquerque, discussed slam poetry, writing and serving as a member of the Albuquerque writing community.  She also read from her book of poems “Always Messing With Them Boys” which is on the Southwest Book of the Year Reading List.

May – Regents Professor of Law at UNM Sherri Burr spoke about her new book, “A Short and Happy Guide to Financial Well Being.” Burr has authored or co-authored more than 20 books and is the Communicator of Achievement for 2014 for New Mexico Press Women.

March – Dede Feldman – former member of the New Mexico State Senate shared her insights into the inner workings of the senate with Albuquerque Press Women and discussed her new book, “Inside the New Mexico Senate: Boots, Suits and Citizens.”

Feb. – Director of the Center for Educational Policy at the University of New Mexico Peter Winograd spoke on “The Future of Education in New Mexico: Why should you care and what should you do about it?” His exploration of demographic trends in general and especially showing drop out and graduation rates was very insightful.

Jan. – New Mexico State Senators Sue Wilson Beffort and Jerry Ortiz y Pino discussed their expectation for the 2014 legislative session with a special emphasis on the state budget.

2012 – 2013 Meetings

Dec. – Martha Whitman and Don Davis spoke about the business of keeping a radio station on the air and in the black in the local market.  Their latest version of contemporary and Latin jazz fusion, the Oasis is a popular station in the Albuquerque market.

Nov. – Angelo Gonzales, the director of the non-profit organization Mission Graduate discussed the new United Way of Central New Mexico goal of convincing area residents to complete 60-thousand new college degrees by 2020.

Oct. – Andrew Stone, founder of Stone Design and developer of Twittelator and other applications for ipads and iphones discussed internet privacy and whether there is any such thing as privacy on the internet.  His talk was set against the background of new revelations about U.S. government data collection of telephone metadata.

Sept. – Trip Jennings from New Mexico in Depth and Marisa Demarco from New Mexico Compass discussed the challenges and thrills of online publishing.  They shared the difficulties of learning the business end of digital publication while exploring the right niche for a local publication.

June– Well known local author Anne Hillerman shared her adventure as she chose to write a new mystery novel using some of the characters originally created by her father Tony Hillerman as part of his Leaphorn, Chee series of mysteries.  Her novel “Spider Woman’s Daughter will be published Oct.1.

May – Susan Cho and Shirley Patterson spoke on their new book “Turning Points in Women’s Lives.”  The book is a compilation of stories told by women born in the early 20th century about personal and professional events that gave new direction to their lives.

March – Ava Lovell, Senior Executive Office for Finance and Administration at the UNM Health Sciences Center and Mary Winters Morse, Divisional Vice President, NM Medicaid with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico shared their perspectives on changes caused by the Affordable Health Care Act, including the addition of an estimated 170,000 people to the health insurance rolls in New Mexico.

February – Pauline Eisenstadt spoke about her new book, “A Woman in Both Houses: My Career in New Mexico Politics.”  Her memoir reviews her experiences as a New Mexico State Representative and a state senator during the 1980’s and 90’s.

January – Blogger Joe Monahan previewed issues and questions New Mexico lawmakers face as they head into the 2013 session of the New Mexico Legislature.

2011 – 2012 Meetings

December – Christine Sierra, professor of Political Science at UNM discussed the Hispanic vote during the November election.  Her work at the Southwest Hispanic Research Institute includes research into the voting patterns of Hispanics.

November – Lonna Atkeson, UNM Professor of Political Science shared her take on the election campaigns and results.  She is a national expert in the field of election administration.

October – Gwyneth Doland, executive director of New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, spoke about the organizations efforts to make public institutions as publicly transparent as possible.

September – Two New Mexico authors, novelist Lynne Hilton (“Pie Town” and “Welcome Back to Pie Town”) and non-fiction writer Loretta Hall (Out of this World: New Mexico’s Contribution to Space Travel) discussed their books, and the trials involved in getting published.

June–UNM History Professor Richard Melzer spoke about New Mexico’s long march toward statehood in commemoration of the New Mexico Centennial.

May —No May meeting because of NM Press Women conference

April--Greg Shaw from La Cueva High School and his students spoke about the model UN program.  The model UN program simulates activities at the United Nations.  Students play roles as ambassadors and representatives of various countries.

March–NM State Senator Dede Feldman and NM State Representative Jimmie Hall spoke about the 2012 session of the NM legislature, the pressures on the NM state budget, and ways in which the legislative environment has altered.

February–Glenda Balas, Ph.D. and chair of the University of New Mexico Communication & Journalism Department spoke about the changing curriculum for journalism students, and the ways the department is adapting to the fluid media environment.

January–Alan Martinez, deputy secretary of the New Mexico Department of Veterans’ Services, addressed the U.S. troop withdrawal in Iraq, and what this means for New Mexico service men and women, including the potential impact on Veterans’ services.

2010-2011 MEETINGS

December–The Future of the NM Rail Runner–Tony Sylvester, Mid-Region Council of Governments special projects manager discussed transportation and the future of the NM Rail Runner.

November–Albuquerque Mayor R.J. Berry talked about his efforts to create a better infrastructure for the city in the wake of a voter turndown of a bond project that would have built new sports fields and set aside money for reconstruction of the Paseo del Norte interchange on I-25.

October–John Garcia, director of the City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department, discussed the challenges of the state Tourism Department and the State Fair, historically and in the current economy.

September–Economists Paul Gessing from the Rio Grande Foundation and Kelly O’Donnell, an economic consultant who was former superintendent of the NM Regulation and Licensing Department, presented their perspectives on the economy, jobs and the state budget.

June–Two prominent union leaders discussed labor issues, politics and related issues.

May–Monica Armenta, executive director of communications for APS, spoke on the day to day activities in her department and how she handles overall communication for the state’s largest school district.

March–Ihab El-Kady, president of the Islamic Center of New Mexico, will spoke on “A Muslim Perspective: Life in Albuquerque, Strife in the Mideast.”

Jan.–State Representative Larry Larranaga and State Senator Dede Feldman took a critical look at the upcoming session.

Dec.–Marijuana, Minors and the First Ammendment–Martin Esquivel, president of the Albuquerque Board of Education and an attorney with extensive First Amendment experience, and Susan Leonard, a retired journalism teacher, discussed walking the tightrope between working with student journalists who want to stretch their wings and concerned parents who worry about them flying into dangerous territory.
Link to article:

Nov.–Political analyst Joe Monahan gave an update on the election.

Oct.–NMPW members Sandy Schauer and Denise Tessier, authors of “The History of New Mexico Press Women 1950-2010,” told us about instrumental NMPW members of the past 50 years.

Sept.–A roundtable discussion of the future of APW.

2009-2010 MEETINGS

June–Nadine Scala from the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History talked about the museum and the current state of nuclear activity around the world.

May–T.J. Wilham, Public Safety Communications Director, and Darren White, Public Safety Director who oversees Albuquerque’s police and fire departments, the Emergency Management Office and the Safe City Strike Force,spoke about their new positions with the City.

March–Cathy Robbins spoke about her experience writing for San Diego’s Web news site, one of the national models for such sites, and the changing face of print news.

Feb.–Laura Marrich, editor in chief and food editor at the Weekly Alibi,
and Gwyneth Doland, editor of the New Mexico Independent and a correspondent for New Mexico in Focus, the public affairs program on New Mexico’s PBS affiliate, KNME, spoke.

Jan.– State Senators Dede Feldman (D-District 13) and Sander Rue (R-District 23) spoke about the deficit facing NM and other issues.

Dec.–Sports Writer Gregg Archuleta and Lobo Club VP J.C. Lopez spoke about the Lobos.

Nov.–Mayor-elect Richard Berry, along with newly elected councilors Dan Lewis and Michael Cook, spoke about their plans for Albuquerque’s future.

Oct.–KOB Investigative Reporter Jeremy Jojola spoke about his work.

Sept.–Gregory J. Fouratt, U.S. Attorney, discussed several of NM’s highest-profile cases.

2008-09 MEETINGS

June–media lawyer Chuck Peifer, Former Chief Assistant Attorney General for NM, gave a quick refresher on libel in the ever-changing world of the Web.

May–Fran Maher spoke about starting and publishing IQ Magazine

April–State conference

March–Sandia National Laboratories’ Chief Economist Arnold B. Baker discussed the state of the economy and the stimulus package.

February–TELEVISION DIVISION– Mike Burgess, vice president and general manager of KOB-TV in Albuquerque, Franz Joachim, production manager at KNME-TV, discussed the move to digital TV

January— Miss New Mexico 2008 Christina Olmi, Miss New Mexico 2007, Jenny Marlowe, and Joe LiRosi, director of the Miss Albuquerque pageants spoke about the role of pageant winners

December–Sherri Burr, UNM Director of the Africana Studies Program, and Hakim Bellamy, program specialist in the NM Office of African American Affairs, spoke about the changes brought by the recent presidential election.

November–Dr. Lonna Rae Atkeson, a Professor and Regents’ Lecturer in the Political Science Department at UNM who studies the politcal process and is one of the state’s foremost authorities on voter issues and politics, spoke about the major 2008 election, what happened, and why.

October–Scott Goold, a political economist currently conducting economic and policy analysis for the New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration, spoke on the economy.

September— John Fleck of the Albuquerque Journal headed a panel providing tips on incorporating environmental issues into your beat.

June— Annual Meeting and Luncheon — Trip Jennings, a former Albuquerque Journal staff writer, discussed the New Mexico Independent, a new news and opinion Web page run by some of New Mexico’s best-known journalists that was launched by The Center for Independent Media, of Washington D.C. in New Mexico, at, on April 15.

May–Networking of members

April–state conference

March–PR Newswire in Albuquerque. A joint meeting with PRSA. Janine Caldwell, director of western operations for PR Newswire (, told how the company located a center in Albuquerque last year with plans to employ more than 125. Established in 1954, PR Newswire has offices in 135 countries. Used by reporters, investors and public and private individuals, it bills itself as “the world leader in the electronic delivery of news releases and information directly from companies, institutions and agencies to the media, financial community and consumers.”

February–Lester Berman, producer of ABC’s Wildfire, spoke on NM’s film industry and his experiences. Berman is an active producer and production manager and has worn many hats in film, mostly behind the camera, but with brief acting credits also. He was a unit production manager of “Suspect Zero,” the first film to use the state’s film incentives including film investment loans and 25 percent tax rebates on all direct production expenditures, including New Mexico labor.

January–From the Keyboard and the Airwaves: Gene Grant on Writing and Talking in Albuquerque’s Media. Gene Grant, co-host of KNME’s “New Mexico In-Focus”, discussed how he hit the hot seat in Albuquerque.


December–Making it BIG: Arts professionals told us how it is done
Danny Lopez, marketing director of the National Hispanic Cultural Center, and Sophie Martin, president of the New Mexico Advertising Federation and marketing communications instructor for the Anderson School of Management at UNM, discussed how to get great media exposure for arts events in Albuquerque.

November— Steve Terrell, Santa Fe New Mexican political reporter, discussed current political events caused by Senator Pete Domenici’s (R, NM) decision to end his senatorial career.

October— The Demise of the Albuquerque Tribune. Phill Casaus, Trib editor, talked about the impending closing of the paper.

September— Current Issues in APS. Martin Esquivel, District 4 board member of the Albuquerque Public School, discussed current issues in APS.

June–The Story at UNM Press: Luther Wilson. Wilson gave us the “Big Picture at the University Press” and talked about the current plans for the Press.

May–What is Happening with the David Iglesias U.S. Attorney Situation?
A New Mexico story took a national angle. Albuquerque Journal investigative reporter Michael Gallagher gave us the story behind that story when he talked about covering the David Iglesias U.S. Attorney situation. Gallagher is an award-winning local reporter who has covered many breaking news stories and made news with his coverage.

March–Marketing: What’s in it for me?
Nationally recognized speaker Ray Shewnack, CEO of the Wright Edge Corporation, a local agency, demystified the concept of marketing in N.M.

February— Politics New Mexico Style: An update on the 60 day session
Joe Monahan, author of the well-read statewide blog: “New Mexico Politics with Joe Monahan” ( brought us up to date on the 2007 New Mexico State legislative session. The 60-day session began Jan. 16, 2007. Monahan’s blog has become must reading for those addicted to the state’s political issues. We heard what Monahan’s “alligators” were saying about the session.

January–Journalism in New Mexico
Members discussed their work and the current aspects of journalism in Albuquerque and New Mexico.

2006 Meetings

December— The Nuts and Bolts of Blogging
Pari Noskin Taichert, Albuquerque author and blogger,; Jon Knudsen, adventure traveler whose eclectic career included 31 years as an elementary teacher and Duke City Fix blogger Johnny Mango along with Sophie Martin and Nora Heineman-Fleck, all at; Christine Robinson; and Marisa Demarco discussed how they use their blogs and how others can use blogging for their own purposes.

Brian Sanderhoff, president of Research & Polling, Inc., brought us his insights on the election polls and Lonna Atkeson, UNM professor of political science, added some perspective on this year’s races and how money is used by groups to get their message out.

October (article at:
Quality of Life referendum–David Campbell, an Albuquerque attorney and volunteer with the Quality of Life initiative and Pamela Chavez, co-chair of the QOL, an Albuquerque group that supports the passage of the referendum in Albuquerque’s Nov. 7 general election, spoke about what the referendum is and how money will be spent. Terri Cole, president & CEO of the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce and Sherman McCorkle president & CEO of Technologies Venture Corporation (TVC) offered reasons not to support this initiative in its current form.

Diane Velasco, executive director of The Citizen Media Group, and a former Albuquerque Journal business reporter, told about founding a non-profit Web-based news source and about how it differs from traditional news organizations.

What’s up in the state’s J-Schools–Communication and journalism chairs from NM universities and colleges discussed their programs and how instruction differs in an ever-changing technological world.

Letter to Editor=Sedition?–Laura Berg, VA nurse investigated for sedition after she wrote a letter to the Weekly Alibi criticizing the Bush administration’s handling of Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq war, and Larry Kronen, one of the ACLU attorneys handling her case, discussed the case. A representative from the VA was been invited to join them. NOTE: Based on APW’s nomination, Berg received the Albuquerque Community Foundation’s 2006 Linda Estes Giraffe Award for sticking out her neck.

State Conference

NM’s Sunshine Law–APW recognized National Sunshine Week by hosting Elizabeth Staley, recently appointed deputy executive director of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government (NMFOG).

Sports Media–Steve Hurlbert, Isotopes press guy, and Greg Remington, UNM Athletics Media, discussed sports media.

Media’s coverage of crime in Albuquerque–Trish Hoffman, public information officer for the Albuquerque Police Department, and Stuart Dyson, veteran news reporter, discussed the media’s coverage of crime in Albuquerque.

2005 Meetings

The Local Book Scene–David Steinberg, book editor for the Albuquerque Journal, spoke about the local book scene followed by a book fair with APW author members.

Anonymous Sources and Shield Laws–A discussion by Albuquerque attorney Jim Dines, Bob Johnson, executive director of the Foundation for Open Government, and Kate Nelson, Albuquerque Tribune managing editor.

Minimum Wage Issue– Just days after the issue was decided, business professor Allen Parkman and former state economist Gerry Bradley to discussed ramifications of the hot-button topic of the 2005 city election.

Eileen Longsworth, City of Albuquerque library director, discussed the FBI’s recent, controversial use of a Patriot Act provision and ACLU N.M. Executive Director Peter Simonson provided an update on the Congressional discussion and/or debate as to whether to amend or extend the Act.

Bob Gassaway, University of New Mexico journalism professor, Phill Casaus, Albuquerque Tribune editor-in-chief, and Belinda Rawlins, Managing Director of New Mexico Media Literacy Project, discussed how journalism ethics are being addressed in both professional and educational settings.

Dennis Herrick discusses the business dynamics of journalism and the role of mass media. A UNM Communication and Journalism Department faculty member, he spent 10 years as a daily newspaper reporter, 8 as a congressional chief of staff and 12 as owner and publisher of a weekly newspaper group.

Where was Larry? No one seemed to know where he was, but on Monday, March 14, Larry Ahrens, the new morning host at the new FM talk station 106.3 KAGM, surfaced to speak to APW.

Fresh from a month on the ground with troops in Iraq, Bob Martin, reporter and helicopter pilot for KRQE-TV, Ch. 13, spoke to the Albuquerque Press Women.

Larry Waldman, senior economist at the Bureau of Business and Economic Research, University of New Mexico, reviewed the state of New Mexico’s economy and what might be discussed, voted upon and enacted during the 2005 New Mexico Legislative Session.

Past Meetings–2004

Steve Terrell, The Santa Fe New Mexican’s Capitol Bureau Chief, shared his insights, predictions, and inside stories about the last and the upcoming legislative sessions.

Zelie Pollon, Santa Fe journalist, and photographer Laurent Guerin gave their view of Iraq today from an Iraqi’s points of view. Pollon and Guerin recently returned from Iraq, where they interviewed 100+ Iraqis about the war and American presence.

Albuquerque Journal business writer Rosalie Rayburn addressed “Bias in Coverage of the Middle East.” A long-time journalist, Rayburn has resided in Saudi Arabia. She discussed some of her experiences, media coverage of the Middle East and Arab censorship.

APS Chief of Staff Tom Garrity, a public relations and marketing specialist, discussed ways to handle the media during a crisis.

New Mexico Press Women State Conference, Albuquerque, Uptown
Sheraton. Visit New Mexico Press Women for details of the conference.

Sandoval County Clerk Victoria Dunlap thrust Bernalillo into national spotlight when she issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples. She discussed the issue and offered suggestions on possible next steps.

New Mexico Film Office Director Lisa Strout discussed the value of attracting film projects to New Mexico in terms of jobs and the economy.

“The 2004 Political Scene” was discussed by New Mexico Political Science lecturer Gilbert St. Clair, an expert on national and New Mexico politics and public policy.

Political consultants shared information “they wished the media knew about political campaigns” and analyzed the local and national election results.

A panel discussion on “Work+Life: Employers Weigh-in on the Balancing Act” was presented by Susan Carkeek, associate vice president/director of Human Resources, UNM; B.J. Jones, director of Human Resources, Sandia labs; and Terri Cole, Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce president and CEO.

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