Jim O’Neill to talk politics and taxes with Albuquerque Press Women and Friends

Jim O'Neill

Jim O’Neill

“Taxes and Politics” will be the topic of the November meeting of Albuquerque Press Women and Friends, Monday, November 13, at 11:30 AM, at Golden Corral (5207 San Mateo NE). Our speaker will be Jim O’Neill, one of the state’s most prominent and trusted tax experts. He’ll talk about the New Mexico tax system in the context of the upcoming legislative session, its effect on economic development and the state’s position in the competition for businesses and jobs.

Jim O’Neill is President of O’Neill Consulting LLC, founded in July 2001 and specializing in providing advice on New Mexico state and local taxes and tax legislation.

O’Neill was Assistant Secretary and Director of Tax Policy for the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department from 1984 through his retirement in 2001. He was involved in developing the Department’s regulations and rulings, coordinating and presenting the Department’s position on program issues to the Legislature and being one of the Department’s voices to the community.

Since leaving his state position he has been active in New Mexico tax issues, consulting for clients such as the New Mexico Municipal League, the New Mexico Association of Counties and private businesses. In 2003 he was Chief of Staff of the New Mexico Blue Ribbon Tax Reform Commission.  In 2010 he served on the New Mexico Government Restructuring Task Force. He is a founding board member and first Secretary-Treasurer of the New Mexico Tax Research Institute.

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What is happening to our health care system?


Martin Hickey

Martin Hickey

Dr. Martin Hickey, Chief Executive Officer of New Mexico Health Connection, a nonprofit health insurer founded in response to the Affordable Care Act will speak to Albuquerque Press Women and Friends at 11:30 a.m. on Monday, October 9 at our regular meeting at Golden Corral (5207 San Mateo NE).

Hickey will discuss the current confusion surrounding the Affordable Care Act and the way that impacts health insurance. New Mexico Health Connections is available on individual and small business health insurance exchanges. He can speak to the way the current political uncertainly is affecting the health insurance industry and the trickle down effect on individual and business health insurance plans.

He has a deep history in New Mexico healthcare that started on the Navajo reservation as a  young primary care doctor working for the Indian Health Services. He moved on to the VA in Albuquerque and then to the University of New Mexico where he set up pilot rural health programs, was an associate professor of internal medicine, developed an office of managed care contracting, and served as Medical Director of University Physician Associates, the faculty practice.

Hickey is perhaps best known for serving as President and CEO for Lovelace Health Systems from 1997-2002. Before returning to New Mexico in 2011 to take on the challenge of establishing a new health plan, he also served as a Managing Director for Navigant Consulting, President and CEO of Alegent Health Clinic in Nebraska, and as Senior Vice President for Health Care Affairs at Excellus Blue Cross. He is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare who is personally committed to challenging the status quo and bringing innovation to the healthcare market.

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Author, Professor John Fleck to speak to APWF in September

John Fleck at Morelos Dam

John Fleck at Morelos Dam

John Fleck, Professor of Practice in Water Policy and Governance in the University of New Mexico Department of Economics and director of the university’s Water Resources Program will speak to Albuquerque Press Women and Friends on Monday, September 11 at 11:30 a.m. at the Golden Corral (5207 San Mateo Blvd. NE). Fleck will talk about water in the Southwest. He says “When we think of water in the West, we think of conflict and crisis. In recent years, newspaper headlines have screamed, “Scarce water and the death of California Farms,” “The Dust Bowl returns,” “A ‘megadrought’ will grip U.S. in the coming decades.” But Fleck says similar stories have been appearing for decades and the taps continue to flow. He argues that the talk of impending doom is not only untrue, but dangerous. This means upending some of the narratives that have dominated press coverage and public discourse about water for decades.

Fleck co-teaches classes in contemporary water policy issues, modeling, and technical communication for water managers. A science journalist with 30 years of newspaper experience, he first wrote about water in the 1980s as a beat reporter covering the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. He is the author of the book Water is for Fighting Over and Other Myths About Water in the West, an exploration of solutions to the Colorado River Basin’s water problems, published by Island Press.

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