Dan Vukelich to Talk About Life and Death in the Newspaper Business

Dan Vukelich

Dan Vukelich

The Albuquerque Free Press was an adventure into the painful world of the free alternative weekly. For awhile in 2017 it appeared to thrive, the suddenly it ceased printing and became an online news outlet. Now it lives on only in ghost form with a page for back issues and a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in more than a year.

What went wrong? How did the promise crash? Publisher Dan Vukelich will share his insight into the process with Albuquerque Press Women on Monday, October 8 at 11:30 at Mimi’s Cafe.

Anyone is welcome. Non-members are charged an additional $5 at the door. No reservation is required. Albuquerque Press Women is a community of people who work and play in the communications industry

How Has the Weekly Alibi Become an Albuquerque Fixture?

It’s been a fixture in Albuquerque forever. Other free papers have come and gone, but the Weekly Alibi persists. What is the secret to keeping a free local community paper going in the turmoil of the digital age? Albuquerque Press Women and Friends are ready to find out at 11:30 a.m. on September 17 at Mimi’s Cafe at 4316 The 25 Way (near Jefferson and Singer NE).

Constance Moss

Constance Moss

Hear the story first hand from Constance Moss, the current Publisher of Weekly Alibi and Sales Director Tierna Unruh-Enos.

Tierna Unruh-Enos

Tierna Unruh-Enos

Ross has worked for the newspaper in several departments in varying capacities since 2011.  She is a New Mexico native and holds two degrees from Vassar College.  In her spare time she enjoys playing drums, going to concerts and collecting vinyl records.

Music, film, food, art and cannibus are big features in the Weekly Alibi, along with local coverage of city government that sometimes beats the much bigger Albuquerque Journal. Sometimes it takes a few minutes with coffee and the Weekly Alibi to realize what a vital cultural scene Albuquerque has. It’s information you get nowhere else and the Weekly Alibi’s digital counterparts are easily accessible.

It’s a new place and time for Albuquerque Press Women and Friends and we look forward to the experience. No reservation is needed and anyone is welcome. Come early and order anything from Mimi’s extensive menu. An extra $5. will be charged at the door for non-members.

APWF is an organization that welcomes all communicators. We’re always ready to talk about writing/multimedia/news and public information/marketing.  APWF is an affiliate of New Mexico Press Women. We are known for our inclusive communication contests, state conferences with exciting speakers, our journalism scholarships and our interest in all ways to communicate in this sprawling state. It’s a crazy world out there and sometimes it is good to have help figuring it out.

Colin Ballio to speak to Albuquerque Press Women and Friends

Colin Callio

Colin Ballio

Colin Ballio, director of Policy and Communication for Health Action New Mexico will speak to Albuquerque Press Women and Friends on Monday, May 14 at 11:30 a.m. at the Golden Corral (5207 San Mateo NE) Health Action New Mexico is an advocacy organization that seeks to influence health care policy and develop policy solutions to improve access to health care in the state. It acts as a consumer voice on health issues. Health care policy in the United States is constantly evolving and it is a challenge to understand how and why it is changing. One area of great interest to New Mexicans is how we will pay for Medicaid as the federal government costs shifts expenses to the states.

Ballio works on advocacy and research on Medicaid, the health insurance marketplace, prescription drug prices, dental care and other policy areas. His talk will ce on health advocacy and health issues in New Mexico. Bring your policy questions to an expert at our May meeting.

Everyone is welcome at APWF meetings. Each individual is responsible for their own meal, and since we use facilities at the restaurant we ask that everyone purchase a meal. Non-members will be charged an additional $5.